Mapping Memory
Website Launch

Saturday, October 30th 7 pm
Reinickendorfer Strasse 17
13347 Berlin

Live Act
– Avrina Prabala-Joslin
– Pao Paniq
– DJ Golsche sin Gübbana

» Let’s create an online archive together: a memory map by and for people of the Asian diaspora. «

Mapping Memory is a community-based, interdisciplinary project. It encourages and establishes collective remembering and empowerment within the Asian diaspora in Berlin and Germany. Safer spaces for those affected are few and often difficult to find: Asian diasporic experiences and perspectives in Berlin are barely represented. Mapping Memory fills these gaps with stories from the diaspora and shows its importance for our society. We invite you to contribute to a digital memory map of Berlin and to redefine our perspective of the city.

Do you have a favourite spot or specific places in and around Berlin that you love to spend time at or remember? Whether through texts, photographs, sound or video recordings, recipes, collages – we encourage people from the Asian diaspora to creatively reflect on your city and your memories. Together we can create a decolonial culture of memory that reaches from the Dong Xuan Center Lichtenberg, the pagodas in Spandau and Marzahn, Kantstraße, Thai Park and beyond.

This Open Call is specifically addressed to people of the Asian Diaspora in Germany and will be compensated with an artistic fee of 350€. Please send your contributions to by August 29th, 2021.

Attachments over 5 MB should be sent via 

Samstag, 30. Oktober 2021 ab 19 Uhr
Reinickendorfer Str. 17
13347 Berlin

Live Act
– Avrina Prabala-Joslin
– Pao Paniq
– DJ Golsche sin Gübbana



Q: “How are Asians defined here? I am asking because I want to know whether I can take part or not.”
A: We encourage all people to apply who identify as an Asian diasporic person and / or from the Asian continent.

Q: “In which language can I submit this?”
A: We prefer English or German, but are open to other languages.

Q: “Can I submit personal stories?”
A: Yes, we encourage and would love to read your personal stories. Examples could be:

  1. Your favourite location in Berlin is XXX.This may be a place where you spent time with and you have a connection to it. You can then submit anything you like about this place: a photo collage, a poem, a letter, a recipe, a video recorded performance.
  2. A family member used to live in XXX location and you remember the atmosphere there. Submit your piece! Tell us the location, scan an old picture, take a photograph from today, whatever it is, you can share your story with us.

Q: “How many locations can I submit?”
A: The best would be submitting one location incl. one piece of submission per person.

Q: “I want to write an article, what is the maximum amount of text I can submit?”
A: “We appreciate all long-form texts but since this will be a digital archive and map, we would like it to be a max. of 2 pages.”

Q: “Will everyone be paid the artistic fee of 350€?”
A: Out of all submissions, 20 submissions will be picked for our project. This way we can ensure that everyone involved is compensated fairly.

Q: “I need more time, can I just submit a draft before the deadline of August 29th?”
A: An exposé / draft is fine for us, yes!

Q: “I am not from Berlin, can I still participate?”
A: Yes, if you have a favourite spot in mind in Berlin which inspires your artwork, we encourage you to submit as well.

Q: “Do I have to work in the field of arts?”
A: No, we also encourage people outside of the Arts to apply!

Q: “I want to submit a video or music. Is there any limitation in length?”
A: Video and sound works shouldn’t be longer than 15 min.

Q: “Which age groups are eligible to apply?”
A: Everyone over 16 years can submit a contribution.



Mapping Memory embodies our shared vision in which primarily Asian diasporic people can meet and learn about the city from each other. The idea is based on our experiences of moving to a new place and facing loneliness, as safer spaces for BIPOC are often not visible and accessible in the urban space.

With Mapping Memory we want to initiate a structure that allows migrant Asian perspectives in and around Berlin to become visible and experienced. It is the second collective project after the publication project ‘Is home where the star fruit is sweet’ in cooperation with Vlab – and formulates a possible response to the strategies against anti-Asian racism and life in the diaspora negotiated in the essay.

Please send submissions and questions to:

We, as an art collective, are a multidisciplinary Asian-diasporic group launched in 2020. Consisting of Nguyen Thuy Trang, Nguyen Thi Minh Huyen, Do Dieu Hao und Pham Minh Duc, our art collective intersects the fields of media arts/film, visual and performing arts, and journalism/literature.

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